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Do you need a Coworking in Killing?

Why not combine the best aspects of working for yourself (freedom and independence) with the best aspects of working for a company (structure and community)? According to Wikipedia, coworking is a form of work that allows independent professionals, entrepreneurs, and SMEs from different sectors to share the same physical and virtual work space to develop their professional projects in a way Independent, while promoting joint projects. Cooperative work offers a solution to the isolation problem that many home-based workers experience, or even micro-enterprises, to experience. It allows more professional dynamism and establish synergies with other companies. CENEMA has a coworking space in Killed for freelancers, freelancers and startups. In recent years sharing office and equipment with other people, not only has become a way to save money, but a new style of work.

Why pay for something you can do at home?

CENEMA allows you to create an exchange environment, professional, without the interference typical of a “home office”. Take advantage of having professionals from different fields, share experiences and experiences and find collaboration points in our coworking in Mataró. Enjoy the benefits of a coworking in killed at a fixed price per month, a week or a day, check our rates.